Tow safely using this user-friendly vehicle to trailer LED light adapter module. This portable and durable pulse shunt module will help your vehicle 'know' a trailer is attached.

Ford Ranger (2011+)

LED towing pulse shunt for Ford Ranger

This pulse shunt module is designed specifically for the Ford Ranger (2011+).

When connecting an LED equipped trailer to a Ford Ranger the following problems may occur:
- No in-dash trailer light flash with indicator.
- Reversing sensors not deactivated.
- No computerised adjustments to ABS or stability control.
- Poor fuel economy.
- Compromised gearbox and engine performance.

IT'S A SMART INVESTMENTThe LED Tow Connect will solve these problems allowing you to tow safely. Our customers often report greatly improved fuel economy and overall towing performance after fitting an LED Tow Connect Module (the vehicle optimises gearbox and engine performance for towing). The fuel savings and safety gains make buying an LED Tow Connect a smart investment!

Every LED Tow Connect features:
- Portability - connect to any vehicle or trailer
- Compact
- Dust and water resistant construction (IP65)
- Durable - only heavy duty cables, plugs and sockets are used
- 0.9 m of 7-core cable easily reaches from your trailer to vehicle
- Flanged enclosure makes securing it to your trailer easy (screws, cable ties, tape etc)
- Fully compatible with electric trailer braking systems
- Inexpensive
- 12 month warranty

The LED Tow Connect is only $239 (+ $12 shipping). Your choice of vehicle and trailer connectors is available.

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Vehicle: Ford Ranger (2011+)
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